About Steve

Steve is an experienced concert guitarist offering guitar lessons for players at all levels. He specialises in teaching acoustic and classical / Spanish guitar but also enjoys teaching electric guitar.

Beginners are particularly welcome.

His style of teaching is patient and he works with the strengths of students, helping them to progress quickly. Over 20 years that Steve has been teaching full-time, he has taught hundreds of people of all ages, many of whom have taken the graded examinations in Classical guitar offered by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (so far over 200 successful candidates) also the Rock School examinations in Electric guitar offered by Trinity Guildhall.

Steve assumes that you wish to progress quickly in your ability to play the guitar. For that reason he uses the Tobin Colour method, which his father Chris Dell helped to develop in the 1970s and 1980s. Using this method, learning to read music, which many people assume is very difficult, is simplified and made engaging and fun. He guarantees you will be playing simple tunes by the end of your first lesson.


If your child has passed grade 5 on any instrument by age 10, s/he will be eligible to attend a top-end, fee-paying school with no charge.  Grade 5 is equivalent to a GCSE A grade.  Attaining grade 8 on any instrument is considered an A level A grade, and has been used by some of my students to get into the university of their choice, as it bolsters UCAS points.

Learning to play guitar with colour greatly accelerates learning.  Many of my students have passed grade 5 within a year of their first lesson.  As little as 30 mins practice a day will ensure fast results.

Ealing Guitar Society.

Steve is Chairman of the Ealing Guitar Society. Click here for more information.

Steve is also available to play Classical guitar at private functions and will transcribe music for you upon request.